Latest updates from the Linode team
Cloud Manager

Cloud Manager Changelog 0.70.0


  • One-Click App navigation
  • Placeholder to enable Managed for an account


  • Remove Private IP Checkbox from Clone Linode form
  • Edit drawer for Managed service monitors
  • Use dropdown instead of cards when selecting an image/distribution
  • Replace Region/Province Select with Text field in the Update Contact Information form
  • Managed credential drawer now uses separate forms for label and password/username
  • Update Managed icon on the dashboard to align with entity icons
  • Messaging and billing calculations for expiring credits
  • Use account credentials and groups when creating or editing a Monitor
  • Monitor dashboard card links to /managed/monitors instead of /support/tickets
  • Better error messaging for Inter-datacenter migrations


  • Client Secret key wrapping
  • Backups and clones always labeled as Debian
  • Correctly show upgrade banner for all deprecated types
  • Issue with kernel input not being populated with a default value in the Edit Linode Configuration form
  • Stop inverting SSH key access to account for the API fix for this bug

4.4.0: 2019-09-09



  • The group property of the Managed Contacts (/managed/contacts) resource is no longer deprecated.
  • The consultation_group property of the Managed Services (/managed/services) resource is no longer deprecated.


  • Previously, you could initiate a cross data center (DC) migration (POST /linode/instances/{linodeId}/migrate) even if the Linode already had a pending migration in the queue. Now, if your Linode has a pending migration already queued, you will not be able to initiate a DC migration until it has completed and you will receive an error response, "Linode has a pending migration." A list of pending migrations, if any, can be accessed from GET /account/notifications.

  • Validation to ensure a running Linode is powered down prior to initiating a cross data center (DC) migration (POST /linode/instances/{linodeId}/migrate) was removed. This validation is unnecessary because a Linode is automatically powered off, migrated, and then restored to its previous boot state when any Linode migration is initiated.

  • The group property of a managed contacts resource can now be updated (PUT /managed/contacts/{contactId}) with a null value. Previous PUT validation generated an error when the group property was updated with a null value.

  • When updating (PUT /linode/stackscripts/{stackscriptId}) a StackScripts resource, the images property no longer accepts an empty array. Previously, there was no validation in place to prevent an empty images property array. This caused a StackScript to no longer be deployable.

  • When listing Managed Services (GET /managed/services) on a managed account, removed services no longer appear in the response data.

  • A Managed Credential now correctly maps to a Managed Service. Previously, when you created (POST /managed/services) or updated (PUT /managed/services/{serviceId}) a Managed Service with a credentials parameter, its Managed Credential Ids did not appropriately map to the service. This resulted in an empty credentials array when listing (GET /managed/services) or viewing (GET /managed/services/{serviceId}) a Managed Service.

Cloud Manager

Cloud Manager Version 0.69.0


  • Inter-datacenter Migrations for Linodes
  • Warning text to detach volume dialog
  • Ability to add, edit, and delete Managed credentials
  • Ability to add, edit, and delete Managed contacts
  • Ability to add, update, and delete Managed service monitors
  • Ability to update Managed SSH Access for Linodes
  • Button to navigate to Create Linode workflow from the Linodes landing page


  • Use dynamic versions for Kubernetes create workflow
  • Remove tags from Domains landing table rows
  • Support Tickets refactor
  • Improve splash page loader animation
  • Required textfields now show “(required)” instead of an asterisk
  • Show tax banner on dashboard and account landing only
  • Region selection in both the Create Linode and Create Volume workflows
  • Object Storage documentation


  • Update copy in credentials table
  • StackScript error handling

4.3.2: 2019-08-26



  • The maximum credit card payment that can be made with the Make Payment (POST /account/payments) endpoint is $50,000. This value has not changed, but previously this endpoint would return an HTTP 500 error for payments over this amount. If a payment is attempted with this endpoint that exceeds this limit, an HTTP 400 error with a descriptive error message will now be returned.

  • The number of concurrent clone operations for any given Linode is now limited to five clones. If a call to the Clone Linode (POST /linode/instances/{linodeId}/clone) endpoint would result in a sixth concurrent clone of a Linode, then the endpoint will return an HTTP 400 error with a descriptive error message.


  • Previously, the access boolean of the ssh property of a Linode's Managed Settings would display true whenever Managed SSH access was disabled for the Linode, and false when it was enabled, contrary to the naming of the property. This property is returned by the List Managed Linode Settings (GET /managed/linode-settings) and View Linode's Managed Settings (GET /managed/linode-settings/{linodeId}) endpoints. This property will now correctly display true when Managed SSH access is enabled and false when Managed SSH access is disabled.

    Similarly, setting this property to true via the Update Linode's Managed Settings (PUT /managed/linode-settings/{linodeId}) endpoint would result in Managed SSH access for the Linode being disabled, and setting it to false would result in Managed SSH access being enabled. This behavior is now reversed to align with the naming of the property.

Cloud Manager

0.68.0: 2019-08-15

Here is a full list of what has been added, changed, and fixed in this release:


  • Support for promotion codes and expiring credits
  • SSH Access Key Table for Managed
  • Delete monitor action to MonitorActionMenu
  • GST notification for users in Australia and India


  • CSS animations in JSS
  • NodeBalancer connection grid display
  • Long titles broken on image names
  • Button types for cancel actions
  • Issue with entity labels not being able to be updated when an event was in-progress
  • Billing form state resets when changing country selection
  • One-click cards display on large breakpoints

4.3.1: 2019-08-14


  • Added the activepromotions_ property to Accounts, as returned by the View Account (GET /account)) endpoint. This property lists all active promotions on your account.

    Promotions generally offer a set amount of credit that can be used toward your Linode services, and the promotion expires after a specified date. Simply put, a monthly cap on the promotional offer is set. In other words, a promotion offers a certain amount of credit every month, until either the expiration date is passed, or until the total promotional credit is used, whichever comes first.

  • Added promotion to the types of Notifications that can be returned by the List Notifications (GET /account/notifications) endpoint.

Cloud Manager

0.67.0: 2019-08-12

Here is a full list of what has been added, changed, and fixed in this release:


  • Ability to close account from Cloud Manager
  • Managed SSH Access: Linode Public Key component
  • Disable Managed service monitor
  • Display list of Managed service monitors
  • Adding tooltip display variant + styles
  • Breadcrumb enhancements
  • Tooltip for cluster command on Kubernetes detail page
  • Managed service monitor list
  • Add SupportWidget to Managed landing
  • Adjustments to view config drawer
  • Adjustments to buttons
  • Optional CVV field when updating credit card information


  • Region selection in create workflow
  • Improve error handling for LKE node pools
  • LKE form element UI adjustments
  • Make search link the first option in Algolia search bar
  • Add Logic to CSV Link to Prevent CSV Injections
  • Add Mutation Time to Banner
  • Disable Add User Button for Restricted Users
  • Select user by default after adding an SSH key using the AccessPanel
  • Add max-width to main content
  • Handling for new event types
  • Improve link styles for PDF downloads in account
  • Enable hot reload for local development


  • Charts display issue
  • Issue with css transitions on theme switch
  • Firefox issue with flag icons
  • Broken error key scrolling in Get Help search bar

4.3.0: 2019-08-12


  • Added a new View Managed SSH Key (GET /managed/credentials/sshkey) endpoint. This endpoint returns the unique SSH public key assigned to your Linode account's Managed service. If you add this public key to a Linode on your account, Linode special forces will be able to log in to the Linode with this key when attempting to resolve issues.

  • Added additional filtering for Events. Events returned by the the List Events (GET /account/events) endpoint can be filtered by an Event entity's id and type.

    There are a few edge cases when filtering Events by entity ID:

    • Some Event entities do not have IDs associated with them, so they will not be returned when filtering by ID. These include the various account and profile Events.

    • Entities for some Events are assigned the ID of the Linode they correspond to. When filtering by ID for these Events, use the corresponding Linode's ID. These include the disk and backups Events.

    • Tag Events use a tag's name for the entity ID field. When filtering by ID for tag Events, supply the name of the tag.


  • Domain labels can no longer exceed 63 characters. The regular expression that validates new labels has been updated to conform to RFC1035.

  • Default CPU alert thresholds for the Create Linode (POST /linode/instances) endpoint have been updated. Previously, the default threshold was always set to 90%, regardless of which plan was chosen. This default has been increased to 90% multiplied by the number of cores for a Linode's plan.

    This increase was made because a Linode's total CPU capacity is represented as 100%, multiplied by its number of cores. For example, a two core Linode's CPU capacity is represented as 200%. Therefore, an alert that triggers at 90% of a two core Linode's CPU capacity should be set to 180%.


  • Complex filtering for region labels was not returning expected results, and this has been fixed.
Cloud Manager

0.66.1: 2019-07-30

Here is a full list of what has been added, changed, and fixed in this release:


  • Public Cloud manager codebase is now officially a monorepo, leveraging Lerna
  • New splash screen on initial app load
  • Linodes list status column
  • Show Linode tax ID on invoices for users in EU
  • Unauthorized messaging for tokens and users
  • User preferences for Domains group-by-tag
  • User preferences for NodeBalancers group-by-tag
  • User preferences for Linode view
  • Tooltips for zone-related actions


  • Abstract Link component so that it can handle external links
  • Better helper text for failed image creation
  • Make SSH key-fetching conditional on whether user is restricted
  • Error handling for adding SSH keys in creation workflow


  • Events regressions and add handling for new event types
  • IP Transfer panel refreshing when a long-running event was occurring
  • Issue with empty data set render blocking the app
  • Issue with power control not showing “Busy” status when Linode was busy
  • Configs view crashing after Linode rebuild
  • Clone config/disk not updating when number of disks changed

4.2.4: 2019-07-29



  • The Execute Staged/Approved PayPal Payment (POST /account/payments/paypal/execute) endpoint will return a more helpful error message whenever PayPal's services are temporarily unavailable.

  • The entity field for an ipaddress_update event is now populated; it was previously null. Events are returned by the List Events (GET /account/events) and View Event (GET /account/events/:event_id) endpoints.

  • The entity field for an account_update event is now populated; it was previously null. Events are returned by the List Events (GET /account/events) and View Event (GET /account/events/:event_id) endpoints.

  • Calling the Update Profile endpoint (PUT /profile) without specifying an email in your request could previously trigger a notification email. This notification's message stated that your email address had been updated, even though it was not changed. This will no longer occur.

  • Previously, if the Create Disk (POST /linode/instances/:linode_id/disks) or Create Linode (POST /linode/instances) endpoints were called with a custom image and with a list for the authorized_users field, then those authorized users' keys were not configured for the root user of the new disk or Linode. Those keys will now be properly configured on the provisioned disk.

Cloud Manager

0.65.0: 2019-07-17

Here is a full list of what has been added, changed, and fixed in this release:


  • Mutation estimated time to Drawer
  • Cookies enabled check
  • Option to create SSH Keys in the Linode creation workflow
  • Tooltip to Zone File action item for Domains
  • Time-delayed patience text when editing RDNS
  • Loading state for submit button in edit RDNS drawer


  • Observe user preferences for Volumes-group-by-tag
  • Observe user preferences for Linodes-group-by-tag
  • Linode Backup helper text


  • White screen issue affecting users with slower connections
Cloud Manager

0.64.0: 2019-07-15

Here is a full list of what has been added, changed, and fixed in this release:


  • Feature: Clone configs/disks from Linode detail page


  • Improve markup for click behaviors for entity titles in clickable rows
  • Remove allocation of private IP on Linode create
  • Filter private IPs in NodeBalancer config node by region
  • Update NB config node schema


  • Domain record validation
  • Important notice icon placement
  • Fix spelling mistake in LinodeConfigDrawer
  • Safe access backups.snapshot

4.2.3: 2019-07-15



  • Changed behavior of the configs parameter for the POST /linode/instances/{linodeId}/clone endpoint. When an empty array is passed to the configs parameter, no configuration profiles will be cloned from the source Linode.

    Previously, all configuration profiles would be cloned. All behaviors of the disks and configs parameters for this endpoint are now more extensively documented in the API reference.


  • When updating the email of an account (PUT /account) or of a user (PUT /profile), Linode will now send an email notification to the previous email address that describes this change.

  • Fixed an issue where a user could not set permissions on a domain that contained errors.

  • Fixed a malformed URL in the response for the Enable Managed Service endpoint (POST /managed/services/{serviceId}/enable).

  • Fixed an issue in which SRV records could only be assigned a port number below 32767. Any port number is now accepted.

  • Fixed a login error that could appear after a user's session had expired, if the user also had two-factor authentication enabled.

  • Reduced response time for the GET /support/tickets endpoint.

Cloud Manager

0.63.1: 2019-07-08


  • Remove VAT banner
Cloud Manager

0.63.0: 2019-07-03


  • Add username to event rows on both Events Landing and Linode Detail views
  • Use preferences endpoint to save theme and spacing
  • Show helper text for auto-backups for Managed users
  • Use account.capabilities for displaying LKE


  • Update monthly network transfer panels
  • Update breadcrumbs site-wide
  • Update primary navigation active state icon
  • Disable auto-resize option when moving to a smaller plan


  • Linode Notification Threshold updates not displaying
  • Group by Tag behaving inconsistently
  • Progress button loading icon
  • Fix console warnings for sidebar styles
  • Margin in header on PDF invoices
  • LinodeCreate selected region tab state
  • Issue with Volume size not updating
  • Do not attempt to create DNS records for Linodes with IPv6 disabled

4.2.2: 2019-07-01



  • Fixed an issue that caused backup windows to display improperly.

4.2.0: 2019-06-25


Cloud Manager

0.62.0: 2019-06-21

Here is a full list of what has been added, changed, and fixed in this release:


  • Add One-Click Apps detail view
  • Add helper text for auto backups
  • Add links to Object Storage documentation
  • Allow external links to open Support ticket drawer


  • Updates to base theme
  • Make entity links in Support tickets clickable
  • Do not attempt to create domain records for slave domains
  • Update max length for Bucket label
  • Reduce NodeBalancer price
  • Copy for maintenance notifications
  • Update styles for important/critical notifications
  • Add link to support ticket in SelectTabPanel
  • UI for selecting memory limit on Linode Config Profiles
  • Adjustments for compact mode, some adjustments for mobile compact on help banner panel as well


  • Dashboard header spacing
  • User-defined fields not resetting on App/StackScript change
  • Catch deleted events errors
  • IP sharing private addresses not showing
  • Regression with maintenance notification list item severity
  • Expandable panel icons
  • Point of entry in dashboard
  • Animation isolation logic
  • Abuse ticket banner fix

4.1.0: 2019-06-17



  • Fixed failing validation for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN).
  • When using the the View Linode endpoint (GET /linode/instances/{linodeId}) Linodes that have not been assigned an IPv6 address will have their JSON correctly display null.

4.0.25: 2019-06-10


Cloud Manager

0.60.1: 2019-06-07

This release features a way for users to clone Linodes outside of the Creation workflow. Users will now be able to select the Clone option from the Linode Action Menu on the Linode listing page.

Here is a full list of what has been added, changed, and fixed in this release:


  • Support for critical maintenance banners, times, and tickets
  • Clone Linode from Linode Action Menu


  • LKE: Creation Table UI for editable node count and remove actions
  • Remove Tags input field when cloning a Domain
  • Default Linode config memory limit to 0 if a limit is not already set


  • Show progress for Linode upgrades
  • Select Plan Panel default tab select logic
  • Primary Nav was showing a scrollbar
  • Support Ticket Drawer should retrieve all entities for selection
  • Nodebalancer config select values
  • Split token on logout before revoking it
  • Re-add Kubernetes button in Create menu

4.0.24: 2019-06-03



Cloud Manager

0.59.0: 2019-05-31


  • Add name of data center in outage notifications
  • Update table cell styles


  • Main search bar styles
Cloud Manager

0.58.0: 2019-05-29


  • Ability to optionally resize disks after Linode resize
  • Option to automatically create domain records
  • VAT banner


  • Replace circle progress on Linode summary
  • Replace circle progress on dashboard
  • IP component placement
  • Adjustments for tablet Linode list view styles
  • Update NB empty state copy
  • Update empty copy for Images and StackScripts
  • Include app name in reset and delete oAuth app modal
  • Use account.capabilities to determine if OBJ is enabled.


  • Show all line items on invoice PDF and detail screen
  • Error and loading states for OAuth view
  • Error handling re: Linode settings panels
  • Uncaught error in disks and configs requests
  • Domain SPA record editing error
  • StackScripts sorting issue
Cloud Manager

0.57.0: 2019-05-21

Here is the latest on the Linode Cloud Manager.

Do you speak Markdown? We do too. You can message us through our Support Ticket system and use markdown just as you would through our Community site.

We are working on a few things behind the scenes that are not yet generally available. If you would like to participate in our beta programs for our Object Storage or Kubernetes offerings, email us at


  • Markdown and Markup Support for Support Tickets and Replies
  • Notice for domains when they aren't being served
  • Abuse ticket banner
  • Enable ctrl+click on profile dropdown buttons and clickable rows
  • Ability to update email from Account -> User Profile
  • Add event messages for host reboots, Lassie reboots, and Lish boots
  • Create a Kubernetes cluster
  • Action menu item to download Kubernetes kubeconfig.yaml


  • Include the Linode Label in delete dialog modals
  • Include Linode and Volume labels in Volume dialog modals
  • Re-enable plan type copy and update the text
  • Small style change for NodeBalancer config action panel
  • Update timezone selection
  • Update Linode backup selects
  • Copy in delete Bucket confirmation modal
  • Object Storage: separate "Size" column into "Objects" and "Size"
  • Improved Select components across the app


  • Linode network transfer stats
  • Linode migration success/error states
  • IPv6 DNS Resolvers
  • Typo in Disable TFA dialog
  • Block device assignment
  • Issue where error views were displaying after data was loaded

4.0.23: 2019-05-20



  • Changed validation criteria when updating (PUT /linode/instances/{linodeId}/configs/{configId}) the devices property for a Linode's configuration profile.

    • An empty devices object or a devices object with empty values for device slots is allowed on PUT only if an empty device map already exits. An error will result if a non-empty device map exists for the Linode's configuration profile.
    • If no devices are specified, booting from this configuration will hold waiting for a device to exist before being able to boot.
    • Previous validation produced an error in all cases when an empty device object or a devices object with empty values for device slots was passed on PUT.
  • Changed validation criteria and behavior when creating (POST /linode/instances/{linodeId}/configs) and updating (PUT /linode/instances/{linodeId}/configs/{configId})the root_device property for a Linode's configuration profile.

    • If no value or an invalid value is provided, root_device will default to /dev/sda.
    • Previous validation for PUT errored when no value was provided for root_device and an empty device map existed for the Linode's configuration profile.
    • If the device specified at the root device location is not mounted, the Linode will not boot until a device is mounted.


  • page query string parameter no longer errors on large page number values. If the value of page exceeds 2^64/page_size, the last possible page will be returned.
  • swap_size property no longer enforces a max limit when creating a Linode (POST /linode/instances).
  • account:read_only scope is now enforced when listing Account notifications (GET /account/notifications).
  • Fix pagination metadata when listing Volumes (GET /volumes) for accounts that have 100+ Volumes.
Cloud Manager

0.56.0: 2019-05-08


  • Update Sentry Whitelist URLs
  • Display bucket size using base 2 instead of base 10
  • Update Events Landing in Real-Time
  • Validate Rebuild from Image form before modal opens


  • App crashes when downloading an invoice PDF for unlabeled backups
  • Deploy new Linode from backup
  • Fixing Sentry Errors
  • Prefix Length to the IPv6 Pools and Ranges
  • Pagination Footer numbering
Cloud Manager

0.55.0: 2019-05-06


  • Improve GA Event Imports in Manager
  • Local storage optimizations
  • Remove Volumes From MaybeRenderError
  • Add error handling documentation
  • Replace all pathOrs with getErrorStringOrDefault
  • Placement of Object Storage in Primary Navbar
  • Add /buckets to OBJ link in PrimaryNav
  • Add Ada google analytics
  • Reverse sorting arrows for sortable tables
  • Explicitly display regions error in Linode volumes form
  • Taxes and Subtotal on Invoice
  • Fixed positioning of ADA CTA
  • Add docs for pushing tags to upstream
  • Add polling for NBs on landing page
  • Add polling to NB detail
  • Check region filtering
  • Make Linode dropdown menus searchable via React Select


  • Scroll-to logic for Disks and Configs page changes
  • Stats request optimization
  • Display reserved IPs in IPv4 table (Linode Detail)
  • Style Updates to Invoice PDF
  • Update Activity Stream Based on Events
  • Sentry Updates
  • Move Object Storage keys to the OBJ Landing page
  • Update Notistack and make toasts dismissible
  • Update IP address listing on card view and styling
  • Paginate Disks and Configs with Paginate Render Props Component
  • Removing tag column and cells styles updates
  • Lish tabs style updates
  • Sync up with disk select changes and reset disk options on Linode select clear
  • adjustments to UDF widths for medium + breakpoints
  • Manual backup errors appear within form instead of as toasts


  • Fix issue with error appearing on volume attach drawer
  • Fix pre-selected Cluster select
  • fix to action menu on mobile (align right for consistency)

4.0.22: 2019-04-29


  • Added validation on the root_device property when creating (POST /linode/instances/{linodeId}/configs) or updating (PUT /linode/instances/{linodeId}/configs/{configId}) a Linode's configuration profile.
  • Creating an SRV domain record (POST /domains/{domainId}/records) no longer adds an additional extension to the name property.
  • A cloned (POST /domains/{domainId}/clone) MX or SRV Domain record no longer return an incorrect value for the target property (GET /domains/123/records) when the record contains a subdomain.
  • Deprecated data centers are no longer returned from the regions endpoint (GET /regions).

    • Deprecated data centers include Tokyo1 ("id": "ap-northeast-1a", "country": "jp").
  • Viewing (GET /account) and updating your account (PUT /account) now returns a consistent value for the credit_card object's expiry property.
  • More explicit error messages are returned when creating a NodeBalancer (POST /nodebalancers), creating a NodeBalancer node (POST /nodebalancers/{nodeBalancerId}/configs/{configId}/nodes), updating a NodeBalancer node (PUT /nodebalancers/{nodeBalancerId}/configs/{configId}/nodes/{nodeId}) and an invalid node IP address is provided.
Cloud Manager

0.54.0: 2019-04-23

This release features site-wide support for Ada, our Customer Support bot. Ada is now available from the bottom right corner of every page, allowing you to get help quickly whenever you need it.

Here is a full list of what's been Added, Changed, and Fixed in this release:


  • Ada support bot available app-wide
  • Ability to delete Object Storage buckets


  • Update ListBuckets
  • Don't use last Stats reading on Linode/NodeBalancer graphs
  • Adjust messaging in UserEventsList for deleted entities
  • Add documentation to
  • Expire token on logout
  • Catch disk error correctly for blocked requests
  • Use EnhancedSelect for the DiskSelect component


  • AxiosError handling for getErrorStringOrDefault
Cloud Manager

0.53.0: 2019-04-22

Our latest release includes updates that directly respond to Customer feedback. We have provided a way to view the activity for each Linode. This Activity stream, similar to the Host Job queue, will live on the Linode Summary page. This will present the last 5 items and an option to view more which will land you on the Activity tab to view all events for the Linode.

We will continue to build on this to support the level of detail that the Classic Manager's Host Job queue delivered.

Here is a full listing of what has been Added, Changed, and Fixed in this release:


  • Event stream summary
  • Empty search logic
  • List all IP addresses in summary panel
  • Activity tab on Linode Details
  • Account Creation Date to Summary Panel
  • GA event for compact mode switcher
  • GA events for billing-related actions
  • New icons for Managed Services and StackScripts


  • Styling no results page
  • Styles and mobile handling
  • Remove tag column and styling for NodeBalancers Landing
  • Remove tag column and styling for Linode Landing
  • Re-order fields on monthly network transfer panels
  • Place disk spaces in sidebar
  • Moving disk space component
  • Adjustments for tables for devices
  • Making beta tag blue for both themes
  • Adjust spacing for add buttons for domain records
  • Remove bolding from notices
  • Styling of disk storage panel
  • Adjustments to table row for DT and activity feed updates
  • Scroll buttons styles for mobile tabs
  • Resolvers object to match new Toronto name
  • Table cell sizes
  • Focus states for clickable rows
  • Styling for graph legend on Linode detail page


  • Wrap domains text on Domain landing
  • Routing on Support Ticket pages
  • Detach from deleted Linode
  • Image creation drawer labels spacing
  • Linodes graphs legends placement
  • Minor copy fixes
  • Typos and init code guidelines

4.0.21: 2019-04-22


  • Added taxes to invoices and invoice items.

    • Added the subtotal and tax properties to invoices (GET /account/invoices/{invoiceId})
    • The total property of an invoice now represents the total of the invoice after taxes.
    • Added the tax and total properties to invoice items (GET /account/invoices/{invoiceId}/items).
    • An invoice item's total is the item's amount plus the taxes levied on the item.
  • The Events endpoints (GET /account/events, GET /account/events/{eventId}) will now include Lassie reboots and reboots of a Linode's host.


  • Reverted ability to filter StackScripts by image (introduced in release 4.0.19).
  • Resizing (POST /linode/instances/{linodeId}/resize) or upgrading (POST /linode/instances/{linodeId}/mutate) a Linode will now throw an error if there is no availability in the Linode's data center.
  • The backups_enabled property of a Linode will now return true if a Linode's backups are temporarily paused by the Linode Support Team.
  • Assigning a new credit card to an account (POST /account/credit-card) when the account has an expired credit card on file will no longer return an error.
Cloud Manager

0.52.1: 2019-04-09

In this release there is a new way to see all of the account events on one page. A landing page is accessible from the View All Events link at that base of this the current notification stream. This is the beginning of the work to provide events specific to each Linode.

Here is a full listing of what has been Added, Changed, and Fixed in this release:


  • Feature: One-Click Apps
  • Events landing page
  • Image expiry date to Image table
  • Drop-shadow on "Create" menu
  • Setup GA to track usage of Linode create screens
  • Missing typography for backup placeholder text
  • Front-end validation for tag input error
  • Loading states to tag panel
  • Added "nofail" to Volume Config Form


  • Do not show Hively icons from Linode user
  • Removed Linode StackScripts from StackScript Landing page
  • Combined My StackScripts and Account StackScripts under one tab
  • UDF Style Updates
  • Hide helper text for UDFs so it will display for Linode Root Password
  • Update Linode Detail permissions
  • Change Toronto display from CA to ON
  • Update Volume Landing on Linode Details
  • Update label for Taiwan in the Update Contact info panel


  • User events dropdown items styles
  • Delete Linode button modal button style
  • Backup CTA link
  • Backups creation error display
  • Styling for disabled destructive buttons
  • Wrong header for accessibility tags
  • Settings icon placement
  • Restore process finished event handling
  • Config updating bug
  • Non-field errors for NodeBalancers

4.0.20: 2019-04-08


  • Added a "reserved" section to the GET /linodes/instances/:id/ips endpoint that lists reserved IPs.
  • Added sequence and logo_url to StackScripts.


  • Correctly resize disks created with a private image.

4.0.19: 2019-03-28


  • Add filtering for StackScripts by image.

    • /stackscripts now accepts X-Filter for images.
  • Increased PayPal max payments amount to $500 USD or credit card limit; whichever value is higher.

    • POST /account/payments/paypal enforces max amount for usd field.


  • Allow filtering on region by slug and slug alias.

    • /instances accepts X-Filter for region using data center slug or slug alias.
  • Support ticket description and replies cannot contain only whitespace or newlines.

    • POST /support/tickets and /support/tickets/:id/replies disallow description field to contain only whitespace or new lines.
Cloud Manager

0.51.1: 2019-03-28

We continue to listen to your feedback as we iterate on the Cloud Manager. This latest release includes many fixes but one specific customer ask was to add an estimate of your un-invoiced balance to the account display in Cloud Manager. This is an item that was supported in Classic Manager and is now supported in Cloud Manager. You can view your current invoice balance and now your un-invoiced balance to understand what your expenses might be for the month.

Here is a full listing of what has been Added, Changed, and Fixed in this release:


  • Add un-invoiced balance display
  • Delete Linode from kebab menu
  • Support and icon for Alpine Linux
  • Missing typography for crash message
  • New event types and account events messages
  • Card payment confirmation modal
  • Add aria labels to inputProps for text fields and radios


  • Update list of available time zones and fix offset sorting
  • Include pagination on clone from Linode flow
  • Adjust dialog size to md to accommodate for api token width
  • Request notifications after migration finished
  • Reset error state on disk and configs request
  • Improve placement of entity icons on mobile tables
  • Make sure all radios inherit proper labeling
  • Dim main content when searching
  • iOS/Mobile Cloud Manager Welcome Screen
  • Make CVV Optional when making a credit card payment
  • Adjust "No Results" message when searching in a Select element
  • Handle volume permissions
  • Update Auth Code
  • UI for restricted edit volumes form
  • Delete confirmation includes Linode Label
  • Source Linode Rescue volumes/disks from redux
  • Update slave domain editing UX
  • Add props.classes for RenderGuard updateFor


  • Only disable Linode Boot if there are no configs
  • Prevent NodeBalancers from crashing during creation
  • Linodes with no type data cause error state
  • Kernel Select sometimes was not populated on load
  • Upgrade and Fix PayPal
  • Fix logger, add report button
  • Remove extra scrollbar on tables on Firefox
  • Request notifications after migration finished
  • Issue with Created Linodes with no image being in an indefinite loading state
  • Issue with 0600-0800 not being a valid backups time slot
Cloud Manager

0.50.1: 2019-03-12

We have listened to your feedback and are finally introducing a new compact theme so that you can see more of your resources on one screen. We know some of you use a vertical layout or have become accustomed to the condensed view of Classic Manager. Check it out by using the feature toggle at the bottom left of the Cloud Manager and selecting normal or compact view.

Additionally, as a follow up to the refined search capabilities released in v0.49.0, we have added a tip on the Search bar. This will remind you of the fields and operators you can utilize to produce targeted search results.

Here is a full listing of what has been Added, Changed, and Fixed in this release:


  • Display guidance to bottom of search bar to make it easier for users to work with enhanced search functionality
  • Add Compact Mode (theme toggle) and corresponding settings panel on PrimaryNav
  • Users can now rebuild a Linode from a StackScript
  • Backup mode support for NB nodes
  • Support for Toronto region
  • Improve spacing of Domain table
  • Password requirements to the PasswordInputField
  • Add last auth IP address and last auth time to trusted devices table
  • Include transfer stats to Linode summary panel
  • Additional helper text for Volumes creation drawer
  • Helper text when creating NodeBalancers
  • Enable user to Remove Public IP Addresses
  • Add tags column to NBs and volumes
  • Filter volume select based on grants
  • Apply convention for HEX values in theme files
  • Updated-by column to support tickets
  • Adjustments for Dark Theme in account pdf links


  • Display confirmation dialog before rebuilding Linode
  • For Backups creation flow, only reset selection if different Linode is clicked
  • Linode Resize flow adjusted to follow API changes (resizing Linodes now enter the migration queue)
  • Rebuild Linode image select now uses tiles instead of a dropdown
  • Update list of whitelisted events to include new event types returned by the API
  • Update all instances of updateFor to include props.classes
  • Remove Tokyo 1 as an option when creating Linodes and NodeBalancers
  • Pre-populate payment amount to the current Balance
  • Add disk imagize events to show progress
  • Volume Labels Sorting
  • Hide global backups setting from managed users


  • Request notifications after migration finished
  • Keyboard scrolling on custom MenuList component
  • Regression with pagination dropdown
  • Show error message when a Linode on the user's account is jailed.
  • 2FA panel
  • Creation workflow styles
  • Instances of renderGuard not updating components
  • React-select isClearable logic
  • Dashboard spacing
  • PDF generation failure
  • Error handling for SSL certificate and key when creating a NodeBalancer.
  • Default lastFour (credit card digits) to empty string to prevent visual bug
  • Graphs need better breakpoints

4.0.18: 2019-03-11


  • Updated POST /account/payments/paypal

    • adds checkout_token to the response
  • Updated GET /profile

    • adds active_since date
    • adds balance_uninvoiced amount


  • GET profile/apps no longer returns internal client tokens

4.0.17: 2019-02-27


  • Adds Region Features:

    • Adds features to the Region object. features is a list of strings describing what a region supports.
  • Adds events for the following actions:

    • Domain update, domain record update
    • Image update
    • Linode update, disk update
    • StackScript update
    • Longview client update
    • NodeBalancer update, nodebalancer config update
    • ssh key update
    • Volume update
    • Linode config create, update, delete


  • Tag Validation expanded to 50 characters to accommodate display groups.
Cloud Manager

0.49.0: 2019-02-27

In our latest release we have introduced refined search capability. You can now specify whether you want to search by entity type, label, tag, or IP address. These search terms can be combined using Boolean operators to create complex search queries to give you exactly the results you're looking for.

You can access this search functionality from the Search bar at the top of each page. This would be useful if you are looking for all of your Linodes, NodeBalancers, and Domains tied to a given environment, customer, or location.

A search such as:

type:linode OR type:domain OR type:nodebalancer AND tag:production

will result in a listing of all of your Linodes, Domains, and NodeBalancers that are associated with the tag production.

is:linode || is:domain || is:nodebalancer && tag:production

will return the same results.

Here is a full listing of what has been Added, Changed, and Fixed in this release:


  • Enhanced Search functionality!

    • Users can now specify the search entity with type:{linode, volume, domain, nodebalancer} or is:{linode, volume, domain, nodebalancer}
    • Aside from entities, other searchable fields are label:, tags:, and ips:.
    • Users can search for entries with multiple tags applied by adding the desired tags to a comma separated list after specifying the tags field. Example tags:tagA,tagB will return all entities with tagA and tagB applied.
    • The same pattern described above applies to the ips as well.
    • Logical operators can by applied to queries: &&/AND, ||/OR, - for the not operator, and grouping with (). A query with multiple fields and no operators is implicitly treated as true for all.
  • Status indicators have been incorporated into the entity icons for Linodes and Domains to provide a better visual experience.

    • Also added the Linode icon and status to the power button.
  • A reset password button in Profile > Password & Authentication that will open the reset password workflow in a separate tab.
  • A better user experience for secondary/restricted account users that displays messaging around and disables features that the user doesn't have access to.


  • Domains now displayed in alphabetical order on the Domain listing page.
  • Timestamps display in last backup table rather than humanized dates.
  • Added a tooltip on the power icon for a Linode with no image, indicating that an image must be added to the Linode in order to boot.


  • Removed client side validation that incorrectly prevented user from creating a Linode when the label started with a numeric character.

4.0.16: 2019-02-21


  • Host API docs from within to unify navigation/header.
  • Replace external Markdown links in the API spec with anchor tags.

4.0.15: 2019-02-11


  • Allow up to 50 characters for Tag labels
  • Removed restriction preventing resize across plan generations
  • Add filtering for entity type and id on Events

    • /account/events now accepts X-Filter for entity.type and
    • If filtering by, entity.type is also required
    • Allowed types are: linode, nodebalancer, domain, volume


  • Allow issuing console tokens for IPv6 clients
Cloud Manager

0.48.0: 2019-02-11


  • Support tickets now appended with current Cloud Manager version.
  • Individual Node status in NodeBalancer Detail > Configuration > Ports
  • Implemented pagey pagination to all Domain DNS records, for example a user with over 25 A/AAAA records will have a paginated table in Domain > DNS records page.
  • Public and Private IP addresses are now searchable fields, displaying the corresponding Linode in the search suggestion dropdown.
  • Sidebar components in Account Settings page:

    • Contact information component displaying company name, name, dddress, email, and phone number.
    • Billing information component displaying current account balance, credit card, and credit card expiration date.


  • Linode summary moved to the sidebar with individual components for:

    • Linode details
    • IP addresses
    • Last backup
    • Tags
  • NodeBalancer summary moved to the sidebar with individual components for:

    • NodeBalancer details
    • IP addresses
    • Tags
  • Domain Tags input field moved to the sidebar in an individual componenet
  • Underlined text removed from application, notably:

    • Breadcrumb headers
    • Event notifications
    • Help landing page
    • Secondary links in table rows
  • Backups CTA is now dismissible.
  • NodeBalancer ports now clickable links on the NodeBalancer listing page

    • When a NodeBalancer port is clicked, the user is navigated to the Port Configuration page with the accordion panel of the port clicked expanded by default.
  • NodeBalancer Graphs were removed from accordion panels, and are now displayed prominently on the NodeBalancer summary page.
  • Disks added to Linodes default to the maximum size, so the user can adjust form there.
  • In the additions disks table located in Linode Detail > Settings > Advanced Configuration now display the disk file system type located between the label and size columns.
  • The option to reboot a Linode is removed unless the Linode is powered on.
  • Only regions with block storage available are displayed in Volume creation panel.

    • Additional messaging added to Volume creation panel informing user of the data center limitations.


  • Typo in Manual Snapshot copy.
  • Spacing of Grouped NodeBalancer headers.

4.0.14: 2019-02-05


  • Documentation for Dedicated CPU class ("dedicated") in Linode Types
Cloud Manager

0.47.0: 2019-01-29

It's that time of year where organization and prioritization are at the top of everyone's mind. They certainly have been for the Linode Cloud Manager team!

In today’s release, we have finalized the organizational offering to display Linodes, Volumes, NodeBalancers, and Domains by tag. Each entity page will show an ungrouped list by default, but switching the toggle at the top of the page to "group by tag" gives users the ability to organize their resources by tags.

As a reminder, tags have more power than that.

The use of tags on Volumes and NodeBalancers is a win. We didn't have the ability to add classification labels like production, testing, backup, or customer name/account to Volumes and NodeBalancers in Classic Manager. Display groups were a feature of Classic Manager that were limited to Linodes and Domains. Now tags can be added to Linodes, Domains, Volumes, and NodeBalancers.

Why Tag? Here are some advantages:

  • Associate one or more tags to each of your resources.
  • This will allow you to view all tagged Linodes, Volumes, Domains, and NodeBalancers when searching by tag.
  • The view by tag feature organizes all tagged resources together. You can now activate this option from the landing page for each resource type; the listed items will then be separated into a group for each tag.
  • Tags are actionable: you can click on a tag anywhere in the Manager and be taken to a results page where you can view all entities that have that tag.
  • You can also start typing a tag name (such as _production_) into the search bar at the top of each page to view a list of all entities with a matching tag.

Also in this release, and in keeping with the spirit of those January improvement goals, we hit the Design Gym to practice some conditioning and tone up our Cloud Manager. Our Design and Engineering team worked to promote uniformity with each entity and present the look and feel of the search results page throughout the application.

Here is a full listing of what has been Added, Changed, and Fixed:


  • Sorting for remaining Linode table headers.
  • Entity icons on Dashboard page, and entity listing pages for:

    • NodeBalancers
    • Domains
    • Volumes
  • Group by Tag for NodeBalancers.
  • Group by Tag for Volumes.
  • Friendly error message when graph data is unavailable for a newly created Linode.


  • Removed Documentation panel sidebar.
  • Improve pagination experience.
  • Order of tabs on the Profile page.
  • My Profile > My Apps changed to My Profile > OAuth Apps.


  • Update timezone error.
  • Fix pagination display logic.
  • Invalid Date on OAuth Apps.
  • Graph Display Options (Last 30 Days).

4.0.13: 2019-01-21


  • Mismatched labels/descriptions for fields in API schemas

4.0.12: 2019-01-21


  • Trusted Devices

    • Lists devices with active Remember Me sessions on the account for the past 30 days, device name and browser used.
Cloud Manager

0.45.0: 2019-01-14


  • Disk storage information modal in Linode > Settings > Advanced
  • Grouping of Domains by tags on Domain listing page.
  • Add payment PDF generation
  • Add invoice PDF generation
  • Display loading until images are available.

    • Source images data from Redux.
    • Add images to Redux on load.
  • Improved linode listing page table.

    • Remove + icon to display all ip addresses on linode row.
    • Hide copy icon for ip addresses until hover.
    • The icon for a Linode was added to the Linode row.
    • Plan column removed, linode plan and details now listed under the label in the Linodes columns.
    • Added a column for tags.
  • Account tab for StackScripts, lists all scripts created on the account the user has permissions to read/write.

    • If an account user does not have access to StackScripts, then a message indicating the user does not have the proper permissions will display.
  • Trusted Device table in My Profile> Password & Authentication> New section titled Trusted Devices.

    • Lists devices that have been active on the account for the past 30 days, device name and browser used.
    • Ability to untrust/delete a trusted device.


  • Explicitly check for errors before setting local storage.
  • Move image toast logic to ToastNotifications.tsx
  • Allow submitting empty array for IP sharing
  • Explicitly declaring background color on table cells for printer compatibility.
  • Update documentation. Update casing on label.
  • Set default image in Create from Image flow.
  • Default label name during Linode creation.
  • Update react-dev-utils and webpack-dev-server
  • Update Radio Input Label text size on Create Volume drawer
  • Update pagination styling
  • Update source Linode on linode_clone schedule/start
  • Refactor domains dashboard card to use Redux state
  • Update community events, make all clickable.
  • Update dashboard transfer card to new design
  • Add Render Guard to Contact Info/Config Forms
  • Change Pagination Controls to handle many pages
  • Add reduxed images to LinodeRebuild
  • Improved error handling.
  • Respond to community_like events, display in menu
  • Update Copy Around Restricted Users
  • Update search results size limit to 100
  • Capitalize linode progress bar text


  • Credit card payment request ccv field.
  • Safari autofill on root password reset.
  • Parse timestamps in UTC for notifications.
  • Hide radio buttons on edit disk drawer.
  • Display notice on successful deletion of a user.
  • Submission of the enable back ups for all Linodes drawer caused duplicate listings of Linodes.
  • Display Scratch Code when enabling TFA
Cloud Manager

0.44.0: 2019-01-03


  • Printer friendly invoice page by navigating to Account > Billing info > Recent Invoices > Invoice

    • Clicking Print/Download navigates to a printer friendly invoice page and opens a a browser print preview to print and save to a PDF.
    • CTL/Command + P from the invoice page will achieve the same as clicking the Print/Download button.
Cloud Manager

0.43.0: 2018-12-21


  • Users can now display their Linodes grouped by its tags.
  • Users can import existing display groups from Linodes and Domains as tags from the dashboard.
  • For example; If a user were to have three Linodes in the display group "production", a new tag of "production" would be created and applied to those three Linodes.
  • The existing display groups remain unchanged.


  • Linode chart statistics sometimes cause a crash.
  • Viewing one StackScript, out of 1100, caused the application to crash. Gee thanks!
  • URL encoded text was being injected into the search bar.

4.0.11: 2018-12-17


  • community_like Event type
  • Include prefix_length in ipv6 global pools response


  • Consistent ordering of Linode IPv4s

    • Public addresses come before private addresses, order is always the same
  • New Users are assigned a referral code
Cloud Manager

0.42.0: 2018-12-14


  • Add Total Traffic to stats
  • Styling for Stats/Units
  • Paypal Client-Side Validation
  • Revert error poc
  • Reorder providers. Convert ThemeProvider to renderChildren.
  • style toast messages
  • create component abstraction for toasts
  • add: toasts story
  • pass props to tags to close suggestion menu on click\
  • error poc
  • make CVV field optional
  • Add analytics to GetAllEntities()
  • Correct permission decision logic in API token utils.
  • code cleanup and destructure new asSuggestion prop
  • style tags inside search result suggestion
  • event propagation and focus styles
  • Stats/Units on graphs
  • make tags in selects consistent with new styles
  • refactor tag button styles
  • Tag links
  • updating back up data section for dark theme
  • updating copy icon component colors, removing the override from IP address component
  • better padding for dashboard table cells
  • Make clickable row UX more consistent
  • switch volume columns
  • add search data
  • Upgrade Typography component consistent with @material-ui/core@3.5.1
  • Display resize instructions on form submission.
  • Add SSH key event message...
  • Refresh volumes list on volume_clone event.
  • Report counts of successes and failures for backups
  • Remove sendToast for enqueSnacback
  • Replace Toasts with Notistack


  • reduce main nav items padding under medium breakpoint
  • update progress bar for linodes
  • Update docs links to Cloud Manager versions.
  • update notistack version and remove unnecessary declaration
  • Update email notification setting label for clarity
  • Events polling updated.


  • fix: send config id with attach volume request
  • Edit SOA drawer loading button styling bug
  • fix typing for notistack
  • Fix NodeBalancer Tag Error
  • Fix mutation error handling
Cloud Manager

0.41.0: 2018-12-04


  • Search results page with a dedicated URL

    • Search results page is grouped by entities (Linodes, NodeBalancers, etc.)
    • Search results page link appears first in the search bar results
    • Search results page displays the first five results per entity, and a button to display remaining results for the given entity
    • Search can be used to display all entities with a common tag
  • Tags for Volumes

    • Tags can be added during Volume creation
    • Tags can be added/removed from an existing Volume
  • Tags for NodeBalancers

    • Tags can be added during NodeBalancer creation
    • Tags can be added/removed from an existing NodeBalancer
  • Network helper global setting

    • Users now have the option to enable/disable
    • Network helper is enabled by default
  • Ability to attach a file to a support ticket
  • Breadcrumb navigation to Users and User Detail
  • Mobile typography was implemented throughout the app


  • UX improvement when creating/resizing a volume attached to a linode with the addition steps necessary to complete the volume creation process
  • Get Help section links and tiles were updated for consistent displays and interactions
  • Added pricing to Volume clone and resize panel


  • External (public) Ip's are displayed first (before private IPs) on Linode grid cards, and Linode Details page
  • Character decoding on the blog feed
  • Tags extending beyond the search bar results now wrap

4.0.10: 2018-12-03


  • Added 'tags' to NodeBalancers

    • The NodeBalancer object now includes "tags", an array of string
    • POST /nodebalancers now accepts "tags", an array of strings
    • GET /tags/:tag now returns tagged NodeBalancers in addition to other types
Cloud Manager

0.39.0: 2018-11-19


  • User management has been merged into the account section.

    • The Account & Billing and Users navigation items have been removed in favor of just "Account".
    • This caused breaking changes to the URL pattern.

      • /users -> account/users
      • /users/stevemcqueen -> /account/users/stevemcqueen
      • /users/stevemcqueen/permissions -> /account/users/stevemcqueen/permissions


  • Domains can now be tagged and will be included in search results when searching for tags.
  • Linode Backups

    • Users can now enable automatic backups for all existing Linodes which do not have backups.
    • Users can now enroll in automatic backups for all newly created Linodes.
    • Added backup information and actions on the dashboard.
    • Added time since last backup to the list view of user's Linodes.
  • Pricing information has been added to the;

    • Volume creation drawer
    • Volumes call to action placeholder
    • Backups call to action placeholderM
  • Updated by/closed by details to support tickets.
  • Breadcrumb navigation to Linodes, NodeBalancers, Domains, and Support Tickets.


  • We're now preventing users from submitting the create a support ticket form until all necessary information has been provided.
  • Hide the "current credit card" if there is no credit card on file.
  • The CPU chart on the Linode detail page has been updated to scale the to usage.
  • Details about a Linode and Domains are no longer tucked away in accordions.
  • Payments and invoices are now sorted by descending date (newest first).
  • We've made some mobile friendly adjustments to the display of our menu!
  • Documentation links now have a persistent underline to make it clear they're links.
  • Providing feedback via Hively now opens in a new window.
  • Made tab navigation much easier on mobile.
  • Enhanced select styles are now visually consistent with regular selects.


  • Side navigation was hidden for certain users.
  • Toggling between grid and list view on the Linodes screen would not persist event progress information.
  • Attempting to delete the active user would crash the application. (Hey, it's better than deleting yourself!)
  • TTL can now be set/changed for MX records.
  • Booting from a user created configuration was failing.
  • H1s are now used only once per page site-wide.

4.0.9: 2018-11-19


  • Updates tag endpoints to accept and return Volumes

    • GET /tags
    • POST /tags
  • Added tags to Volumes


  • Fixed validating RDNS when set via /networking endpoint
Cloud Manager

0.38.0: 2018-11-05


  • Customer Support

    • Linode Community questions are now searchable from the Support Landing Page
    • Customers can now close their own support tickets under the following conditions:

      • Ticket is in "autoclose" status
      • Ticket has not been opened by Linode (covered by autoclose requirement)
      • May not close tickets that have not been interacted with by Linode (covered by autoclose requirement)
      • Tickets closed by customer should be marked as closed by customer
      • Support Ticket objects should indicate if they are closable


  • Tightened whitespace on tables. Considerably reduced the padding on table cells to give users the ability to see more items at a glance. Similar changes were made to summary panels in an ongoing effort to improve our information density overall.
  • We changed the way that a user will view their DNS records. Today when you view DNS records you have to expand all of the accordions to see details of your domains. Now when you view a domain you can see all details of the domain without having to expand all the accordions.
  • Updated Launch console button to appear as a link on mobile devices.
  • Hively got an upgrade!

    • Icons have been enhanced to support new icons.
    • Hively icons will not show on tickets more than 7 days old


  • The account owner was able to restrict their account by toggling the permissions.
  • A recent refactor didn't take into account paginated API methods that take an entityId. This was causing an API 404 error when requesting Disks from the LinodeConfig menu.
  • Issue on the List Linodes page, where switching to list view after linode creation would display the Linode as "Provisioning" after it already booted.
  • On the volumes listing page, addressed an issue where updating a volume label would fail.
  • In order to make the clickable table row entries more efficient, we made tags clickable.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to create a linode from a snapshot (coming from the linode detail page) displayed plans smaller than the original Linode snapshot as selectable.
  • When creating a linode from a backup or snapshot, the linode created does not automatically boot, rather it must be booted manually after the restoration from backup is complete. Also, the Distro image fails to display in the manager, until the linode has been booted.
  • Issue where users were unable to deploy a new linode from a snapshot when landing on the Create From Backup creation page from the Linode Detail * Backups page.
  • Resolved an edge case where attempting to restore a snapshot to an existing linode, if the restore drawer was dismissed and then reopened, the Linodes select would fail to list any linodes.

4.0.8: 2018-11-05


  • Added 'tags' to Domains

    • The Domain object now includes "tags", an array of strings
    • POST /domains now accepts "tags", an array of strings
    • GET /tags/:tag now returns tagged Domains in addition to Linodes

4.0.7: 2018-10-24


  • Added "migration_imminent" notification for Linodes that will migrate soon
  • POST /linode/instances/:id/migrate can now initiate scheduled migrations


  • Fixed bad interaction between clone and global backups_enabled that resulted in failed clone
Cloud Manager

0.37.1: 2018-10-22


  • Backup restore not restoring to destination Linode
Cloud Manager

0.37.0: 2018-10-22


  • Pagination!

    • Users can now page through large lists of entities thoughout the app, including: Nodebalancers/Images/Oauth Clients(Apps)/Tokens/Users/Volumes/Invoices/LinodeConfigs
  • Documentation!

    • The documentation panel has received some updates, including Docs for volumes, domains and stackscripts


  • Eliminate pencil icon site-wide, using hover/edit state instead.
  • Defer API requests on Linode summary, settings and Nodebalancer summary until user action is taken


  • Error reporting when creating a new Nodebalancer config
  • Ellipsis being truncated on blog texts incorrectly
  • Text overflow in the dashboard of entities with long names
  • Linodes with flags/long names breaking the layout on list linodes
  • Issue where a users settings are erroneously requested multiple times
  • Linodes with unknown images failing to display in the linode summary panel
Cloud Manager

0.36.0: 2018-10-08


  • Support

    • Allow selecting multiple files when attaching to a ticket
    • Auto-collapse attachments when a ticket contains more than 5 attachments
    • Increase support search results to display up to 20 results
  • Profile

    • Truncate whitespace when adding SSH keys
  • Billing

    • Display last four credit card digits when submitting payment


  • Volumes

    • Issue where creating a volume would potentially display the wrong region for the attached linode
  • Stackscripts

    • When creating a linode from Stackscript, the SSH Key access panel failed to display on image selection
  • Misc.

    • Issue where certain modals could not be dismissed with the escape key
    • On Linode creation, the password field now appears disabled until an image is selected
    • Two-factor authentication QR code border visibility in dark theme

4.0.6: 2018-09-24


  • Added closeable support tickets via /support/tickets/:id/close

    • Only applies to tickets that are closeable

4.0.5: 2018-09-10


  • Added backups-enabled to /account/settings to automatically add backups service for new Linodes.
  • Added tags for Linodes
  • Added linode/types-legacy collection, returning all Linode types that cannot be deployed.
  • Added successor field to Linode Type object.


  • Fixed issue with backup windows when a window could not be determined.
  • Fixed bug related to reattaching volumes to another Linode when the original Linode is deleted.

4.0.4: 2018-08-28


  • Added User SSH Keys

    • Allows storage and deployment of public SSH Keys
    • Added GET /profile/sshkeys
    • Added POST /profile/sshkeys
    • Added GET /profile/sshkeys/{ssh_key_id}
    • Added PUT /profile/sshkeys/{ssh_key_id}
    • Added DELETE /profile/sshkeys/{ssh_key_id}
    • Added SSH Key labels to User object
  • Allow deploying Linodes with stored SSH Keys

    • Added authorized\_users to POST /linodes/instances/
  • Allow rebuilding Linodes with stored SSH Keys

    • Added authorized\_users to POST /linodes/instances/{linode_id}/rebuild
  • Allow deploying Disks with stored SSH Keys

    • Added authorized\_users to POST /linodes/instances/{linode_id}/disks
  • NodeBalancer config rebuild

    • Allows fast track config/node rebuilding
    • POST nodebalancers/{nodebalancerId}/configs/{configId}/rebuild
  • Add expires to Image map for automatic Images


  • Removed duplicative Event for StackScript creation
  • Fixed typo in DNS error message
  • Added 'field' to StackScript errors

4.0.3: 2018-07-12


  • Added POST /linode/instances/{linodeId}/migrate

    • In some circumstances, a Linode may have pending migrations scheduled that that you can initiate when convenient.
    • This endpoint initiates the scheduled migration, which will shut the Linode down, migrate it, and then bring it back to its original state.
  • Added POST /domains/import

    • Imports a domain zone from a remote nameserver that allows zone transfers (AXFR).
  • Added ability to create a Linode with private networking enabled.

    • POST /linode/instances now accepts a boolean "private_ip".
    • If true, the created Linode will have private networking enabled when created.
  • Added optional "config_id" to POST /linode/instances/{linodeId}/reboot


  • Fixed example response for POST /volumes/{volumeId}/attach

4.0.2: 2018-06-20


  • Added fast-track NodeBalancer creation

    • POST /nodebalancers now accepts "configs", details of configs to create
    • Each config in "configs" must have at least one node in "nodes"
  • Added X-Spec-Version header to API responses

  • Added persistent ordering to all collections

    • All collections are now returned in a predictable, consistent order
  • Added watchdog_enabled to Linode object
  • Added X-Spec-Version header to all responses

    • This header describes the version of our OpenAPI spec that describes this API


  • Require shutting down before resetting root password for a disk
  • Fixed url for Community events

4.0.1: 2018-05-14


Added missing "resizing" Linode status.


  • Fixed bug where Linodes got stuck in rescue mode.
  • Fixed bug when attaching a Volume to a Linode with no configs.
  • API now returns 500 when an IP Address cannot be allocated.

    • Previously, this incorrectly returned a 400.
  • Fixed 500 on POST /domains/:id/records with service.

    • Bug occurred when service was sent into this endpoint without "type": "SRV".
  • Fixed errors caused by illegal characters in URL errors.

4.0.0: 2018-04-02


  • Added fields to Notification object

    • Added "label" - a brief description of the notification
    • Added "severity" - one of "minor", "major", or "critical"
    • Added "until" - a datetime or null
    • Added "notice" to possible values for "type"
  • Added POST /linode/instances/:id/disks/:id/clone

    • This used to be at POST /linode/instances/:id/disks/:id
  • GET /linode/instances is now filterable on "id"
  • GET /account/events is now filterable on "id"


  • Unify IPv4, IPv6 GET/POST; use "type": "public"

  • Moved /managed/linode_settings to /managed/linode-settings

    • /managed/linode_settings/:id moved to /managed/linode-settings/:id
    • This was to keep our convention of using dashes in URLs instead of underscores
  • Password no longer accepted in POST /account/users

    • You may no longer provide a password when creating a new user
    • New users will immediately receive a password reset email to set their password
  • Changed returned Region IDs

    • Slugs such as "us-east-1a" are now returned as "us-east"
    • These values had previosuly been accepted as input.
    • "us-south" was renamed "us-central"
    • Old values are still accepted (and translated) in requests
  • Moved GET/PUT for range/pool v6 addresses to /networking/ips

    • GET /networking/ipv6/:address moved to GET /networking/ips/:address
    • PUT /networking/ipv6/:address moved to GET /networking/ips/:address
  • /linode/instances/$id/rebuild returns a Linode

  • Fixed inconsistent responses for action endpoints

    • POST /linode/instances/:id/backups-enable now returns {} on success
    • POST /linode/instances/:id/backups-disable now returns {} on success
  • Creating a payment now returns the new payment

    • POST /account/payments now returns a Payment object
    • POST /account/payments/paypal/execute now returns a Payment object
  • Moved ipv4-specific networking endpoints

    • POST /networking/ip-assign moved to POST /networking/ipv4/assign
    • POST /networking/ip-sharing moved to POST /networking/ipv4/share
    • POST /networking/ipv4/assign now returns {} on success


  • Removed "addresses" from GET /linode/instances/:id/ips response

    • These addresses are now returned in GET /networking/ips
  • Removed the ability to change another user's email address

    • PUT /account/users/:username no longer accepts "email"
    • PUT /profile can still be used to change your own email address



  • Added support for refresh tokens

    • Apps with an active refresh token are returned in GET /profile/apps
    • Revoking an app's access to your account expires any refresh tokens it has


  • Removed the ability to change passwords

    • Removed POST /profile/password
    • Removed POST /account/users/:username/password
    • To reset your password, use


  • Fix output for ipv6 RDNS endpoints

    • PUT /networking/ips/:address now returns the modified v6 address
    • PUT /linode/instances/:id/ips/:address now returns the modified v6 address
  • Nothing has changed for these endpoints when :address is a v4 address
  • Fixed bug setting RDNS for v6 addresses
  • Fixed bug making it impossible to provide authorized_keys when rebuilding a Linode



  • Added GET /networking/ips

    • Returns all ipv4 and ipv6 addresses on your account
  • Added support for short region slugs

    • Omitting the suffix of a region slug picks a default
    • For example, "us-east" is treated as "us-east-1a"
  • Support tickets ordered by status, update date


  • Unified IPv4 and IPv6 Objects

    • Removed "range" from IPv6 object
    • Added "linode_id" to IPv6 object
    • Added "region" to IPv6 object
  • Removed GET /networking/ipv4
  • Separated /networking/ipv6 into /pools and /ranges

    • Added GET /networking/ipv6/pools
    • Added GET /networking/ipv6/ranges
    • Removed GET /networking/ipv6
  • Changed GET /linode/instances/:id/ips response

    • ipv6.link_local is now a full IPAddress object
  • Improved response for unrestricted user's grants

    • Changed GET /profile/grants and GET /account/users/:username/grants
    • Now returns a 204 with no content when getting grants for unrestricted users
  • Moved /linode/instances/:id/ips/sharing to /networking/ip-sharing

    • linode_id must now be passed in, along with existing ips list
  • Removed deprecated "distribution" fields and endpoints

    • Removed GET /linode/distributions
    • Removed GET /linode/distributions/:id
    • These fields or endpoints had been deprecated since 2017-12-11
  • Changed POST /managed/contacts

    • "phone" is an object containing primary and secondary numbers
    • phone_primary -> phone.primary
    • phone_secondary -> phone.secondary
  • Changed account/notifications

    • Removed xsa notification type
    • Renamed balance_outstanding to payment_due
  • Changed error response

    • "field" changed to represent nesting with x.x
  • Changed GET/PUT /account

    • Renamed "vat_number" to "tax_id"
  • Removed managed_issue from POST /support/tickets


  • Cloned linodes now copy original Linode's image
  • Fixed bug parsing OAuth Scopes when creating token



  • Added POST /images to create an image from a disk
  • Added "message" to Notification object

    • Described the notification in a human-readable manner
  • Added ability to enroll in Managed

    • POST /account/settings/managed-enable
  • Added "uid" to Profile response
  • Added ssl to PUT /nodebalancers/$id/configs/$id


  • Removed "token" Authorization scheme

    • The same value is accepted as "Bearer"
    • No longer accepted: "Authorization: token $TOKEN"
    • Please send as: "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN"
  • Changed POST support/tickets

    • Now accepts "managed_issue" (boolean) instead of "managed_issue_type"
  • Reworked backups response

    • Removed "daily" and "weekly"
    • Added "automatic"
    • Removed "availability" from Backup object
    • Removed "service" object
  • Removed /linode/instance/:id/disk/:id/imagize

    • Functionality moved to POST /images
  • Reworked /account/settings into two endpoints

    • Changed /account/settings endpoint to /account
    • network_helper and longview_subscription remain in /account/settings
  • Removed 'max' from /account/transfer
  • Removed /nodebalancers/$id/configs/$id/ssl
  • Removed zonefile object from Domain
  • Changed Notification types

    • scheduled_migration -> migration_scheduled
    • pending_migration -> migration_pending
    • scheduled_reboot -> reboot_scheduled
    • outstanding_balance -> balance_outstanding
    • important_ticket -> ticket_important
    • abuse_ticket -> ticket_abuse


  • Fix Transfer Pool return values
  • Stopped returning default backups window for Linodes

    • This impacted Linodes that were still scheduling backups only
  • Don't set cancel_account grant when it's not requested
  • Suppresses shutdown event notification for rebuild
  • Send emails for TFA to the acting user



  • Added enable, disable managed service endpoints

    • Added POST /managed/services/:id/enable
    • Added POST /managed/services/:id/disable
    • Added status to managed service JSON response object
  • Added GET /managed/stats endpoint
  • Added PUT /managed/linode_settings
  • Added PUT endpoints to managed service
  • Add managed_issue_type to support/tickets/

    • GET /support/tickets returns new managed_issue_type key
    • POST /support/tickets now accepts this key if the account has Managed Services enabled
  • Added GET /managed/issues and GET /managed/issues/:id

    • GET /managed/issues returns all issues, including relevant history
    • GET /managed/issues/:id returns a single issue
    • Since managed issues are backed by support tickets, uses the ticket ID
  • Added vat_number to /account/settings

    • Can be viewed and updated
  • Sends emails when enabling/disabling TFA
  • Rendered zone file returned in Domain object
  • Added DELETE /managed/services/:id endpoint
  • Added DELETE /managed/contacts/:id


  • Update /linode/distributions and /image responses

    • remove status key
    • remove filesystem key
    • remove last_used key
    • rename creator -> created_by (string)
    • rename min_deploy_size -> size (int)


  • Allow filtering of GET /images



  • Added POST account/payments/paypal

    • Stages a PayPal payment and returns the payment_id
  • Added POST account/payments/paypal/execute

    • Execute a PayPal payment that has been authorized in PayPal
    • This is required for Linode to capture funds and credit your account
  • Added POST /domains/$id/clone

    • New endpoint can be reached at POST domains/:domain_id/clone
    • Requires a new domain be provided in the post body


  • Unify Distributions and Images

    • Removes Distribution.architecture
    • Renames Distribution.updated to last_used (Datetime)
    • Renames Distribution.disk_minimum to min_deploy_size (Integer)
    • Adds Distribution.filesystem (String)
    • Adds Distribution.created (Datetime)
    • Adds Distribution.description (String)
    • Adds Distribution.status (String)
    • Adds Distribution.type (String)
    • Adds Distribution.is_public (Boolean)
    • Adds Distribution.creator (String)
    • Adds Image.deprecated (Boolean)
  • Renamed "distribution" to "image"

    • POST /linode/instances takes "image" instead of "distribution"
    • POST /linode/instances/:id/disks takes "image" instead of "distribution"
    • POST /linode/instances/:id/rebuild takes "image" instead of "distribution"
    • Linode object returns "image" instead of "distribution"
    • StackScript object returns "images" instead of "distributions"
  • Change Image IDs to Slugs

    • slugs match the format private/:image_id
  • Moved volumes to top level

    • Changed all references from /linode/volumes to /volumes


  • Ensure POST domain/records accepts and honors ttl_sec
  • Fixed Linode create from a Stackscript using UDFs



  • Reworked UserGrant system

    • Three Grant levels are now enforced: No grants, "read_only", and "read_write"
    • "read_only" allows access to GET endpoints
    • "read_write" is equivalent to legacy "all" grant
    • Legacy "all" or "access" grants are treated as "read_write"
  • Changed GET /account/users/:username/grants

    • Grants response objects now always include "id", "label" and "permissions"
    • "permissions" can be null or an enum of either "read_only" or "read_write"
  • Changed PUT /account/users/:username/grants

    • Grants now accepted in the new format detailed above
  • Changed GET /profile/grants

    • Grants returned in new format detailed above
  • Added support for CAA Domain records
  • Changed POST /linode/instances/:id/disks

    • Now accepts "image" - an image ID to deploy from



  • Changed POST /account/payments

    • Now accepts "usd" as a string representing a dollar amount, including cents
    • Valid values include "0.10", "10.00", "100.20", and "$1.00"
    • Invalid values include 10, 10.01, "10", "10.001", and "10.0"
  • Added GET /account/notifications

    • Read-only collection of Notification objects
    • Returns important information about your account that may require action
  • Added GET /images

    • Lists images on your account
  • Added GET /images/:id

    • View a single image on your account
  • Added PUT /images/:id

    • Update an image on your account
  • Added DELETE /images/:id

    • Deleted an image you own
  • Added POST /linode/instances/:id/disks/:id/imagize

    • Creates a new image from a disk you own
  • Added GET /longview/clients

    • Returns a list of Longview clients on your account
  • Added POST /longview/clients

    • Creates a new Longview client on your account
  • Added GET /longview/clients/:id

    • Returns information on a single Longview client
  • Added PUT /longview/clients/:id

    • Update a single Longview client
  • Added DELETE /longview/clients/:id

    • Removes a longview client from your account
  • Added GET /longview/subscriptions

    • Returns all available longview subscription tiers
  • Added GET /longview/subscriptions/:id

    • Returns information one longview subscription tier
  • Changed GET /account/settings

    • Added "longview_subscription" - the tier at which you are subscribed to longview
  • Changed PUT /account/settings

    • Sending in "null" or an id to "longview_subscription" changes your longview subscription tier.
  • Change POST /linode/instances

    • Now accepts image - the ID of an image to deploy the linode with
    • Only one source attribute may be provided
  • Changed POST /linode/instances/:id/rebuild

    • Now accepts image - the ID of an image to rebuild the linode with
    • Only one source attribute may be provided
  • Added events for enabling/disabling TFA
  • Added Longview and Image grants to GET /users/:id/grants and GET /profile/grants

    • Response now includes "longview" attribute whose value is an array of grants your user has that relate to longview clients
    • Response now includes an "images" attribute whose value is an array of grants your user has that relate to images
    • Only applies to restricted users
  • Event objects may now have Longview clients or Images as their entities



  • EventType has changed from "blockstorage_" to "volume_"
  • Changed POST linode/instances/:id/configs

    • Removed root_device_ro
    • Now accepts "helpers", a dict accepting any/all of "updatedb_disabled", "distro", "modules_dep", "network", and "devtmpfs_automount"
    • Removed devtmpfs_automount (now in helpers envelope)
  • Changed POST linode/instances/:id/disks

    • root_ssh_key changed to "authorized_keys", now accepts a list of keys instead of a single string key
  • Changed POST linode/instances

    • root_ssh_key changed to "authorized_keys", now accepts a list of keys instead of a single string key
  • Changed POST linode/instances/:id/rebuild

    • root_ssh_key changed to "authorized_keys", now accepts a list of keys instead of a single string key
  • Changed POST linode/instances/:id/rescue

    • disks changed to "devices", now accepts device mappings in the same format as POST linode/instances/:id/configs
  • Changed Linode object

    • Moved "disk", "memory", "storage", "transfer_total", and "vcpus" into a "specs" envelope
    • transfer_total => transfer in linode specs
    • transfer_in => network_in
    • transfer_out => network_out
  • Changed LinodeConfig object

    • Removed root_device_ro
  • Changed LinodeType object

    • Moved backups_option.price_hourly to addons.backups.price.hourly
    • Moved backups_option.price_monthly to addons.backups.price.monthly
    • Moved price_hourly to price.hourly
    • Moved price_monthly to price.monthly
  • Changed OAuthToken

    • Removed client envelope
    • Removed type
  • Changed account/tokens

    • Endpoint moved to profile/tokens
    • GET now only returns Personal Access Tokens
  • Changed account/clients

    • Endpoint moved to account/oauth-clients
    • Collection now allows access to all clients for all users on your account if you are an unrestricted user
  • Added profile/apps

    • Collection of authorized third-party applications
  • OAuthClient now has a "public" attribute

    • "public" is an optional argument to POST account/clients that defaults to False
  • Added POST account/credit-card

    • Updates current payment method on file
  • Added GET account/payments

    • Returns a list of all payments made for your account
  • Added GET account/payments/:id

    • Returns information about a single payment made for your account
  • Added POST linode/volumes/:id/clone
  • Changed Disk Status

    • Now always one of "ready", "not ready", or "deleting"



  • Pagination envelope has changed

    • total_pages => pages
    • total_results => results
    • endpoint-specific key is now always "data"
  • Region, Distribution, Type, and Kernel objects are now returned as slugs

    • Previously, entire object was returned as part of other responses
  • POST linode/instances and POST linode/rebuild automatically issue a boot job

    • This behavior can be suppressed by sending "boot": false in the request
  • Changed POST linode/instances

    • with_backups => backups_enabled
    • Now accepts "booted" - defaults to true if distribution is provided
  • Changed POST linode/instances/:id/clone

    • with_backups => backups_enabled
  • Changed POST linode/instances/:id/rebuild

    • Now accepts "booted" - defaults to true
  • Changed LinodeNetworkingResponse

    • region is now a slug instead of a nested object
  • Changed IPv6 object

    • region is now a slug instead of a nested object
  • Changed Invoice object

    • Removed "paid"
    • Removed "overdue"
  • Changed Region object

    • Removed "label"
  • Changed Backup object

    • regions is now a slug instead of a nested object
  • Changed Distribution object

    • Removed "created"
    • Added "updated"
    • minimum_storage_size => disk_minimum
    • x64 => architecture. architecture is an enum returning either "x86_64" or "i386"
  • Changed IPAddress object

    • region is now a slug instead of a nested object
  • Changed Kernel object

    • x64 => architecture. architecture is an enum returning either "x86_64" or "i386"
  • Changed Linode object

    • storage => disk
    • total_transfer => transfer_total
    • distribution is now a slug instead of a nested object
    • region is now a slug instead of a nested object
    • nested alert objects have been streamlined
    • "enabled" and "threshold" have been removed
    • a value of 0 now represents "disabled", any other value is "enabled" with that threshold
  • Changed LinodeConfig object

    • disable_updatedb => updatedb_disabled
    • enable_distro_helper => distro
    • enable_modules_dep_helper => modules_dep
    • enable_network_helper => network
    • ram_limit => memory_limit
    • devtmpfs_autocommit moved into "helpers" envelope
  • Changed Nodebalancer object

    • region is now a slug instead of a nested object
  • Changed Type object

    • hourly_price => price_hourly
    • monthly_price => price_monthly
    • ram => memory
    • storage => disk
    • mbits_out => network_out
    • backups_price is now a nested object containing "price_hourly" and "price_monthly"
  • Changed StackScript object

    • Removed "customer_id"
    • distributions is now a list of slugs instead of a list of nested objects
    • Removed "user_id"
    • Added "username"
    • Added "user_gravatar_id"
  • Changed Volume object

    • "status" can no longer contain "contact_support" - will return "offline" in that case
    • region is now a slug instead of a nested object
  • Changes SupportTicket

    • Removed "closed_by"
  • IP Whitelist may not be enabled in PUT profile if it is already disabled
  • Default page size increased to 100

    • Any page size between 25 and 100 may be requested in the url with ?page_size=
  • Linode configs now accept deprecated kernels
  • Linode configs now default kernel to latest, no longer required on POST
  • Added /profile/whitelist

    • GET - list all IPs on user's whitelist
    • POST - add IP to user's whitelist
    • Endpoint return a 400 if IP Whitelist is disabled
  • Added /profile/whitelist/:id

    • GET - return one entry on whitelist
    • DELETE - remove address from whitelist
    • Endpoints return a 400 if IP Whitelist if disabled
  • Disk filesystems now default to ext4, no longer required on POST